Hi everyone, Welcome to my brand new Website “Simple Daily Earning – An Online Business”. I learned it overtime that it’s easy and simple to earn money daily if we are consistent and committed. As we all know, learning is connected with the experience. It is a process that we go through to achieve our goals. Before my challenges turned into passion I had to go through a lot of failures and hardships. Success is not a success if not shared ( This is my own belief). I want to share it with you through my website “Simple Daily Earning”. I love you and have a strong urge to do something extraordinary for all of you by sharing my journey to the success with you. It is a journey of dreams to realization.

Behind the Scene

From an early age, I always loved new challenges. I used to feel empowered in difficult situations. I experienced this power but was not aware of its significance. Being a quiet and shy child, my thoughts were simple and I had no big dreams and wants. I love my mom, my sister, and my sweet grandmother so much and still love them even my grandmother is not with us anymore. My early education, middle school, high school and then higher education was completed in the mystical, and peaceful city, Bahawalpur, near historic Fort Derawar

Fort - Derawar - Bahawalpur

The Mystic Land


Bahawalpur - Darbar - Mahal - Palace
Darbar Palace Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur is a city of mystics and Sufis. One of the most important and prominent features is Cholistan Desert.

People of this area are simple and hardworking. I learned through my

observation that hard work, honesty, and simplicity are essential

of any mystic land.

Bahawalpur - A - Splendid - Tomb
A Tomb in Bahawalpur




My grandmother and my mom worked very hard

to raise me and my two sisters.

To provide us good education my grandmother and my mom did traditional bread making, weaving in 4 different ways, sewing, embroidery, and farming. They did not feel ashamed to work hard and do ordinary chores to earn money. They raised us with pride and gave us confidence to pursue our higher goals in life.


As a result of my grandmother and mother efforts, my sister became a Ph. D doctor and a professor in Organic Chemistry and I did my masters in education with a specialization of Montessori and Early Childhood Education.
Learning is my passion. My friends and family encouraged me to learn all important skills of life. I achieved life goals successfully and went beyond. Life tested me so many times. I was the first person in our family and neighborhood to learn how to use internet and make an email id on yahoo. At that time the internet was new and a lot of boys and girls of my age were not aware of the internet skills. Today, the internet is easily available and 3.5 billion people are using it. The internet is providing an ample amount of ways to make “Simple Daily Earning” online.  “Reviews And Online Business” always complement each other. Online business and its growth can be expressed by the reviews it has.

A Huge Life Changing Event

US - Flag

I came to the US, the land of the free, to become free of so many financial, economical, political, and geographical challenges. After serving for 7 years in three different wonderful schools, I fell and had to stay at home. Everything changed and my life took a new turn. The direction and physical speed of my journey was changed. Being slow and less capable of moving fast, I started falling behind. There were changes happening in my life to alter it completely. I tried to find some ways to make money online. I wanted to earn money from home.
While I was doing my research, I got interested in affiliate marketing and online business ideas. I feel so proud of my self after creating my first website. I have found a platform to share all my knowledge about the success process with all of you who are interested to change their lives and achieve their goals by working from home and by working online.
The “Simple Daily Earnings” website will help you to learn how to get to the fast solutions .
There are a lot of realistic ways and empowering methods to earn money online which I will discuss and share with you here at “Simple Daily Earning”.

Why do we need “Simple Daily Earning”

We need to address basic monthly necessities and the ways to meet them. Work at home moms need to earn some money. A lot of students need to make money to meet their expenses. There are so many women out there who can relate to my story and want to stand up strong in the eyes of hardships.
You can also focus on passive income and still apply these ways, if you are busy earning active income from your job. Using creative strategies to find “Simple Daily Earning” is numerous people’s dream who can work online.

Long term Income Has Revolutionary Impact

By proper planning I chose to earn long term money to save myself from the worries for not having money in the future for some reason. I learned that there are proven methods which have potential and help us to transform our lives by revolutionizing finances in the long term, so I decided to share all those powerful realistic ways with all others who are struggling.

Time is Money — It Can Not Be Wasted

“Time has more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time”. Jim Rohn

We can not waste time on scams. That’s why I created this website to create “Simple Daily Earning” in a realistic way.
By Investing time first and working hard to reaping results is the first requirement. I experienced it by myself for a long time and it is a proven way. It needs discipline and a special commitment in a proper way which I am going to share on my website “Simple Daily Earnings.


I made a lot of mistakes before I got here in the position to share my success story and its process with you. I will make sure to discuss all fundamental guideline on my website “Simple Daily Earning” so you achieve the success without making any mistakes or with minimum mistakes.


I have been thinking to share my success with other people because I think there is no use of achieving success without giving its share to other people. Whatever goes around comes around. When I was struggling I happen to meet so many people who helped me to reach where I am right now. I can not return their service to them but I can serve and support other people like I was helped.


As It is obvious by the name “Simple Daily Earnings” I will make sure to discuss the identified ways, share, and guide through the journey to complete the task and get to the ultimate success to all who follow, without any failures and losses. On the internet every information that is shared is not true. There is wrong info mixed with the right one. It’s not possible for a simple person to identify the correct and proven knowledge without a reliable help. The “Simple Daily Earning” website will provide the clarity, reliability, and complete support to achieve desired objectives and the goals you have set for your short or long term successful earnings.
I am going to hold the bright light in my hand to bring every detail of the business methods and ways known and make it obvious so no one gets misguided. The insightful success will not be a dream but a reality.
I am offering you the reliable support on the “Simple Daily Earning” on behalf of the big and renowned industry in the fields of technology, business, and affiliate marketing. Online Business.
We will be walking together on the road to incredible success with their extraordinary and remarkable help.

All the best,



  1. Your About page is truly revealing as to your background and historic journeys through life. I found your reasons for creating this website to be engaging and sincere. From what I read here, I find it easy to identify with you. I am encouraged to see where you will lead me.

    • Hey, Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I am glad you like it and find it engaging. I think it’s all about sincerity and honesty.
      Best regards,


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