Grammarly Review And How to Get It For Free

Grammarly stands at the top of teaching and learning categories. This post is about “Grammarly review and how to get it for free”? Let’s talk about another way to earn money online. Yes, we can earn money from Grammarly. Before we get into the discussion of how to use simple ways to earn money with Grammarly, lets talk about What is Grammarly Software. In “Grammarly Review and How to get It For Free” I will try to explain briefly;

  • What is Grammarly application/software
  • How good is Grammarly and what are its features
  • Grammarly products
  • How to get Grammarly for free
  • Grammarly Plans
  • Grammarly Affiliate program
  • Grammarly Commission rates

What is Grammarly Application/software

The Grammarly Software was first released in 2009. Grammarly is an American based company. This software was created to help to create effective writing. It is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based. Its founders are Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn.

How Good is Grammarly And What Are Its Features

Grammarly does corrections for us on almost all writing platforms.


Grammarly can detect our tone and suggests words to convey our message to the readers.

It checks grammar and transforms sentences for clarity.

Helps in Formatting.

Makes it possible for us to write faster.

Grammarly plagiarism checker is awesome.

Besides all the help in writing, it also supports us in, Powerful team management.

Grammarly products

  • The Grammarly keyboard
  • Grammarly desktop apps
  • Grammarly for MS Office
  • Grammarly for chrome
  • Keyboards for iOS and Androids

Grammarly Plans

It offers 3 plans.

How to get Grammarly for free

In this post, “Grammarly review and how to get it for free” now we will see how to use Grammarly for free. As you have seen above, there are three plans and one of them is free. Is not that exciting? Yes.

So, only you need to go to the Grammarly website and find its free version. It does not offer the free trial but it does offer the Free Version.

So, all that you need to do is to add it to your google chrome. I have used this version and it helps a lot. I was able to use grammar, spelling and punctuation check.

For students, teachers and researchers, who do a lot of writing, the Premium plan will work best. It offers so much. But, honestly, there is not much difference in the price of the Premium and Business account. I will leave it to you. Which plan do you think is the best?


Grammarly Affiliate program

Grammarly Commission rates

Is Grammarly Effective

Is Grammarly effective? Yes, with all above features we can say it’s true. But there are few things that make this tool look not so efficient or 100% perfect. Grammarly according to some, is not a complete replacement for manual proofreading. Grammarly works well but sometimes it can not be the only solution.

In this post, “Grammarly review and how to get it for free”, we have shared, what is Grammarly, the features, the products, plans, pros and cons, and its affiliate program.

To sign up for Grammarly Affiliate Program, you can go to Grammarly Website, and scroll down to find ‘Affiliates’

Join Grammarly Affiliates.

Grammarly Review and how to get it for free, is sharing Grammarly Review, how to get it for free and how to make simple daily earning.
You can use Grammarly to write your blogs and promote Grammarly. This way you can earn Twice! Yes. You know how.

Thank you for reading this Grammarly Review and visiting my site. Let me know if you have any questions about Grammarly or any other affiliate programs.

Please share your experience after you use Grammarly for your writing.

Best Regards,


What Is Amazon Affiliate Program Review

Amazon Affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs. What is Amazon Affiliate Program and what is so special in this affiliate program? Today, in,  Amazon Affiliate Program Review, we will try to find the answers of these questions in detail.

In my other post, How To Earn Money On Amazon I talked about Amazon Affiliate Program/Amazon Associate Program. In  Amazon Affiliate Program Review, we will talk more about the aspects of this unique affiliate program.

Amazon Affiliate Sign Up

One of the most important and special aspects is Amazon Affiliate/Associate sign up procedure. It is easy and convenient. There are few requirements;

To become an Amazon affiliate you need to have a website, blog, app or YouTube channel.

So, basically,

  • Build you own Website or Create a blog
  • Go to Amazon Affiliate/Associate Home page
  • Apply for the affiliate account
  • Enter the info it asks for
  • Enter your Website Url
  • Choose your preferred affiliate id
  • Enter your personal information
  • Show how you drive traffic to your Website
  • Enter your payment method
  • Provide your tax information

After you complete the sign up process, now you are ready to create your Amazon affiliate links.

Amazon Affiliate Program Login is secure. To make it safer we can choose two-step login method option. So, now you can login whenever you want to promote the products.

But your Amazon Affiliate account is active for 180 days. You have to make at least some sales or just one or two sales in this time period or your account will be closed.

But don’t worry!

You can apply for the Amazon Affiliate/ associate account again. Follow the whole procedure for the application. Make sure that you change all the old links of the products and ads from your website or blog with the new links. Yes, little bit hard but this is the policy.

Does Amazon Affiliate Program Work

That’s right, Does it work? The answer is, Yes but there are some requirements. It needs quality content and a good amount of traffic on any website to actually make this program work.

How many followers do we need to make this program work? At least 500 to 1000. So, Amazon Affiliate program helps you to monetize your traffic if you have traffic.

Amazon affiliates have access to tools to understand their readers and customers in a better way.

Amazon Affiliate Product Comission Category

Amazon Affiliate Program Commissions

This is the latest list of Amazon Commissions. It was updated after Covid-19 hit the world. A lot of things and procedures have changed after this pandemic. So, the change in commissions rates seems normal to me. Even affiliates don’t like this commission rate completely but they still promote Amazon products.

Well, we all look forward to the better rates again.

Amazon Affiliate Links And Banners

Amazon affiliates create and use easy links and banners made by tools provided by Amazon, to guide their readers and visitors to Amazon products and earn commissions from qualifying sales.

Amazon also provides native shopping ads to its affiliates which can be added to your website.

Another way to promote products is writing reviews about the products. You can write a review about one product that you choose or you can compare different products in you niche.

Amazon Associates/Affiliate Sitestripe

I think SiteStripe is the best feature of Amazon Affiliate Program. SiteStripe feature helps you to create product links directly from the Amazon Website without even going to AmazonAffiliate/Associate site. It allows you to prepare links to any page on Amazon. We can also share these links on social media platform like Facebook and Twitter.

Amazon SiteStripe works amazingly to find images for your product easily. Just go to Amazon and when you see SiteStripe, at the top left of the page, search for that product and get the image.

Amazon Affiliate Program and Its Policies

The program policies for the affiliates need to be followed completely to earn commissions. It is attractive to get some extra income but we need to follow some guidelines and rules made by Amazon for all Amazon Affiliates or Associates. Otherwise, we will be banned from the program.

Few things that you need to follow are,

  • Put an affiliate discloser on your website or blog
  • Do not make deceptive claims to sell the product
  • Avoid and do not use affiliate links in offline promotions, emails and ebooks
  • Be alert and stay informed of the Amazon Policy and its updates

Now, there are some very important questions.

Which skills do we need to become a successful affiliate? Is it just content writing skill that you need to become a successful Amazon Affiliate? These are some relevant questions. All the skills that we need require some sort of training. We actually, want to start our own affiliate business. Do we need a Website or Websites? Yes, of course. Do we need to learn web building? Yes. Then we need a hosting platform for our websites. It means we need Wealthy Affiliate Program.

I am an affiliate and I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. I learned all my skills required to become an affiliate market person here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Website designing, writing powerful content, finding keywords that actually convert, using different legit ways to earn money online from our website and blog are some of the skills Wealthy Affiliate teaches. It is an academy of learning business skills. There is a lot more.

If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can check my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

You have a choice of joining it as a free member.

Wealthy Affiliate provides complete training not just to become a successful affiliate but also a successful business man/women or a girl/boy. Yes.

If you want to see what Wealthy Affiliate is you can join here.


So, the conclusion is, that making money online is possible. In, Amazon Affiliate Program Review, we have learned how it is possible if we decide to choose amazon affiliate program.

Like I said in my other post, Simple Ways to Earn Money Online

There are so many ways to earn money online successfully and Affiliate marketing is one of them. There are so many affiliate programs out there and Amazon Affiliate program is one of them.

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have any questions about Amazon Affiliate/Associates Program. How do you feel about this program? If you are already using it what is your experience?

Best Regards,

Shahlla Anjum

Teachable Review

Teachable is an online tool for independent professionals and entrepreneurs. It allows teachers and experts to create their courses easily and sell successfully. This platform is gaining more attention these days. It offers free plan in addition to three different price plans. In this Teachable Review we will talk about how it works for the big businesses, individual business, and affiliates. Yes, Teachable affiliate program is the best affiliate program.

Who Can use Teachable

Teachable is for the bloggers, writers, educators, entrepreneurs, and creative people who want to create and sell their expert courses to their students and followers. Teachable has helped more than 25,000 teachers to create courses for a million of students around the world.

As much as online learning is growing so is the Teachable need.

How Teachable Works

Teachable provides tools to create online courses easily. It guides and supports on each stage from the creation of the course to market and sell each one of them. It’s a complete system of support for its users and members.

Earning Money With Teachable

Teachable is an authentic platform where you can create online courses and earn money. Course creators are making hundreds of thousands by selling their courses at this platform.

Teachable Courses

There are almost 125,000 courses. Some of these courses are free and a lot of courses are for sale.

Free Teachable Courses

There is no fee on free courses created under any price plan. Teachable also has free membership plan. It offers instant payouts and monthly payouts, unlimited students, unlimited video bandwidth, unlimited hosting, and email support for the free membership. Which is a great offer. In terms of features the free members get unlimited student management, lecture comments, and basic quizzes.

Teachable Price Plans

There are 3 different price plans.

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Business

Teachable — The Overview

Name: Teachable

Name of the Owner: Ankur Nagpal

Web URL:

Support: 95%

Training: 99%

Courses building: 95%

Success Stories: 99%

Price: Basic $29 – Professional $99 – Business $249

Student Management: 99%

Lecture Comments: 99%


Basic Quizzes: 99%


Integraded Payment Processing: 99%



Link to Join


Teachable Plans Comparison


Selling Course on Teachable

Teachable guides not just in the creation of the course but also in the selling process. It offers one of the best and tested methods. Teachable provides templates and lead page ideas. The method is really simple and easy.

Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable offers an attractive affiliate program. Its affiliates earn recurring commission by referring customers. Teachable affiliates can earn 30% lifetime commission.

Teachable Payment Options

Paypal, Stripe, MasterCard and most credit cards are accepted.

Always Remember

Teachable is a learning management system and it is built to serve educators. It takes less time to set up school and create lesson material. There is a complete support and guidance available from creation to marketing and selling a course.

If you are planning to share your expertise and ready to create courses then there is not a better option than Teachable.

Join Teachable


Making Money From Amazon


Making Money from Amazon
Making Money From Amazon

Today we will discuss about simple ways to Making money from Amazon. Amazon is one of the most reliable platform to earn money online. But the question arises, “How To Earn Money On Amazon”. It is important to know that ‘Making Money From Amazon’ associate and seller accounts is easy. Let’s discuss how to earn money on Amazon.

Before we know the ways to earn money let’s talk about what Amazon is.

Amazon is the world largest online retailer. One of the most important reasons why Amazon is so famous is its quick shipment method. A buyer can get 2 days free delivery through Amazon Prime Account. Free 2 hours prime now delivery is available in few cities on more than 25000 qualified items. An interesting fact is that Amazon was created as an online store for books but later expanded into a big marketplace to sell electronics, soft wares, video games, dresses, furniture, toys, jewelry, household items, and so many other things.

Amazon sells items from lots of different categories. We can find almost everything on Amazon. It provides the customize experience to its buyers. It is not just giving the best experience to buyers but also to sellers too. It has become the best-selling platform.


Amazon Seller Account Sign up

Both retailer and individual seller can utilize the Amazon. The first step is to create an account. There are different accounts which can be created to start selling on Amazon. Business account, FBA account, Individual Seller Account are main kinds of selling programs. Business account costs a monthly fee but individual seller account is free. We can sell limited amount of items on the free selling account. But if we are really serious about selling then we can sign up for the business account.

How to sign up for a seller account on Amazon?

On Amazon Website main page, Scroll down and find, Sell Products on Amazon.

Click on it.

It will take you to Amazon seller Account page.


Making Money From Amazon
Amazon Seller Account


You can click the Sign Up button and follow the directions.

Amazon Associates Sign Up

There are different ways to make money on Amazon. Beside selling, you can become an Amazon affiliate and start earning money. The affiliate account or associate account needs a permission and approval from Amazon. It may take some time but at the end of the day if you are following all the requirements you will get the acceptance. Any person with a website, a blog or social media pages can place a link to Amazon and earn money. Have you purchased something from Amazon? According to a research almost 80% US Amazon buyers purchase from Amazon at least once a month….Amazing….right? And according to another research 40 % of Amazon Prime members spend over $ 1000 a year on Amazon. So chances are that if we follow some tips as an amazon associate we can make a significant amount of money.

How -to- make- money- from- Amazon- Associate-And Seller-Accounts
How to Make Money from Amazon Associate and Seller Accounts

Tips to Make Money With Amazon Associate Program

After one gets approval from Amazon and becomes an associate, he/she then needs to walk on the path of making money successfully. How should it be done and how can it give you maximum benefit? There are few tips to achieve this goal, we can discuss here.

Amazon affiliate Program

  • Finding products to recommend: Defining you niche is very important for an associate. After you have done you niche selection and key word search for you article then find products to recommend on Amazon. You can also choose best-seller products. One thing is important to understand that how much commission the product is offering. It must be at least 5 to 8 percent. Please check the Amazon commission chart before you want to select a product. The Luxury Beauty Items give the most commission and there are other categories mentioned in the list for example, furniture, books, apparels etc.
  • The Best seller items are also a great source to select the products. Accessories are another one of the most interesting items to select to promote. Evergreen products are good for the whole year. It may be the best idea to find some evergreen products in you niche and keep promoting them. They will keep earning you commission.



Earn- Money- With-Amazon-Associate


  • Using links wisely as one Link: Links that work in the US will not work in Canada or in other countries unless you link you affiliate or associate account with Canada and UK associate accounts. You will then have to copy and paste the JavaScript code into you site where ever it is required. It can be header or footer. Now you will be able to share link to not just Us but also Canada and UK.
  • Using Amazon images: Amazon requires us to use images on their site if we follow the proper method. We can not just copy or paste. We need to actually click and safe and download each image as safe as to use it on our site, blog or social media page.
  • Finding help from great Amazon associates: amazon associates education platform is so helpful as it offers rich information about Affiliate and online education. It is totally free for the affiliates.
  • Writing reviews of Amazon products. Writing reviews is the best option if you want to build a connection with you readers and potential buyers. Especially writing a review about a product that is available to Amazon Prime members.

Jay’s training, ‘Being an Amazon Affiliate’


According to Dave Hamrick’s wonderful article, Make Money on Amazon in 2020 – 15 Killer Methods,

“The Amazon Associates program is probably the most popular affiliate program on the internet”.


Amazon is the one of the best and easiest affiliate programs. I am an affiliate to Amazon and love this program. The only thing that is important to follow the rules and policies created by Amazon. At Amazon, we can promote so many items, bounties, trending items, best-selling items, and offers. Amazon associate account is the best option for the bloggers. We can prepare Email list and use Amazon products to promote. We can also create an associate YouTube channel.

Associate central home page provides new and improved offers. There we can see moving banners and exciting updates About Amazon world. On Amazon affiliate page there is FAQ or help available. There are experienced and dedicated associates to answer all our questions related to the topic.

One more exciting thing is when you start promoting Amazon products and you customers that you send or direct to Amazon from you site or blog buy other products different from the one you promoted or offered, You still are lucky to earn a commission.

With easy techniques and tools, regular payouts, incredible benefits, and attractive conversion rates, you can create passive consistent income as an associate and also increase.

There are also some more ways to use to earn money on Amazon. I will discuss those ways in my next post.

Let me know if you have any questions about this post. How do you feel about becoming an affiliate to Amazon? Do you want to sell your own products on Amazon?

All the Best,



How to Move From New York to Texas

We need to move from one state to another state. What should I do to make it smooth and safe? The question is ‘How to Move From New York to Texas’?

New-York – Brooklyn Bridge


It is not easy to move as a whole family. We had to make this decision due to some very important reasons. I tried to google it as we all do when we need to find about something or have any question. There was nothing related to what I needed. I found information about moving companies and cost to move from NY to TX but there was not any moving time preparation or checklist. So, I decided to create one.

Moving Times

It is interesting that we moved a lot as a family. I know it needs complete preparation when it is time to move. Moving times are not easy times. But if we do it in an organized way by making a checklist and keeping track of everything, it becomes easier. I am making a timeline according to my moving time checklist. Few things will take more time than others. For example, we need to spare more time for lease or selling. We need to take care of the lease in New York .


Where in Texas

It’s a plan to buy a house in Texas. We are still in the process of selecting a city.

San Antonio- Texas
San- Antonio – Texas

Is it San Antonio? San Antonio is a very beautiful city.

There are a lot of worth seeing places in San Antonio.

I am so excited to see them.

Mission, Tx is also one of our options.


Texas - A & M - University
Texas – A&M – University

Which University is Better

When we move as a family, the selection of a university or college becomes an important step.

What Do I Need to Do if I Am Moving

The answer to this question is slightly different from family to family, but basic things are same for each family. Making mind and start doing planning is the first step. Some elements which can make one plan different from the others are; Number of family members, distance between the two places, and our budget for moving.

Moving Time Checklist

  • Documents collection ( School, office, bank, doctor, or other documents).
  • Organizing, sorting, cleaning, Packing, and selling some stuff. ( Garage Sale Time)
  • Taking care of a lease or selling.
  • Buying few very important things.
  • Finding a job. I am so happy that I work from home, so I don’t need to worry about at least one thing. I am so happy that I found Wealthy Affiliate. I am working online as an affiliate. After creating a wonderful website, I am making a decent amount of money to take care of all my expenses. So, I am not worried about finding a job or starting a new business when we are moving from one state to another state. I am so blessed….that I found Wealthy Affiliate program! I never studied business or web designing but now due to Wealthy affiliate training and support, I am able to build my own online business. I am doing affiliate marketing right now but in the future I will do my own business here from the same platform because I can create my own 50 websites here. It gives me a sense of freedom and independence.
  • Shipping or moving some important stuff.
  • Getting the donations ready.

Moving Time budget

There is a cost involved to moving. We need moving time budget. Amount of the cost depends on how much you can afford. It can be reduced or increased to a certain level if you plan well.


Do I Need Moving Companies

The answer to this question can be different family to family. There are few options.

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • Fedex
  • Cargo
  • Sea and Air
  • A lot of other companies, for example, uship, upack, allied, flatrate, etc.


My husband and I decided to buy a truck.

We want to drive to TX in our own truck.

Yes….. I think it is our



but you can decide as you want.

This choice suits our family. I will send my two children by air and my husband and I will be driving a long drive. A very long drive. We are thinking to bring books, clothes, and some kitchen utensils. We might bring some furniture too. But I am planning to leave a lot of good stuff to donate.



The process of moving has started and the objective of creating this post will be achieved if it can help you. I hope it guides you in the right direction. I pray that wherever you are moving you are safe and the process is smooth! Let me know how did it go so I can make my post better by adding your experiences.

So, thank you all and I would love to read your comments, suggestions, and questions. You can leave them below in the comment section and I will get back to you with the replies.

Best Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy 2019 Review

In this post I am going to give you my personal and honest review about Jaaxy. The ‘Best Keyword Research Tool –Jaaxy 2019 Review’ post will tell you all the deep details about Jaaxy and what the tool can do for your online business. We are living in an online world and keyword search rules today. Keywords targeting is the foundation of search engine optimization (SEO). Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool. Let’s learn about Jaaxy more:

What is Jaaxy

Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool online. There is no compromise on competition strategies. Do you want to get ahead of the competition? I do! When keyword searches are the best criteria to succeed then we need a tool which can do the best keyword research. Jaaxy is the best tool to find keywords in the whole industry.

Jaaxy — The Overview and Ranking

Name: Jaaxy


Name of the creator: Kyle and Carson

Price: $ 0 for trial, $ 49/month for Pro and $ 99/month for Enterprise Plan

Keyword Research: 98%

Success Stories: 97.54%

Who Created Jaaxy

Jaaxy was created by Kyle and Carson. They are champions of the affiliate marketing. Not just that, they also created the Wealthy Affiliate which is thriving today not just an affiliate marketing hub but well renowned name for starting and developing any business.

The World’s Most advanced Tool

There are so many features which make Jaaxy the world’s most advanced tool to search keywords. All the features make what Jaaxy is today. When we talk about Jaaxy being the best keyword research tool we do not now what else it is offering at the same time. You can now easily by signing up for a free trial but I thought it would be better to show you a video prepared by Kyle, co founder of Jaaxy, right here.

How Does Jaaxy Work

I am thinking to make a screen record video about Jaaxy.

Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy

Wealthy Affiliate  and Jaaxy both are created by Kyle and Carson. So, basically they both work together from one platform. In fact, Jaaxy is one of the most important features of Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Jaaxy Free

How much does Jaaxy cost? As, I have mentioned above the starter members can try it for free. They can use this tool for unlimited days but with the word search limit of 30 words. Another fantastic news is, that you can use it for free if you are a Wealthy Affiliate premium member.

Once you are comfortable you can upgrade your membership.

What is Jaaxy keyword Tool

Jaaxy is a keyword planner. All its features work together and present the results for each keyword we want to use,  holistically. It is easy to use as we just need to click the options and it shows the results in seconds. So, we can say that Jaaxy is more than the keyword research tool.

Jaaxy Alternative

There are some other programs like SEMRush, Keywordspy, Spyfu, and Keyword revealer, but Jaaxy is the number one keywords research tool because it is so transparent and easy to use. It’s easier if you are also using Wealthy Affiliate platform for your business. The reason is mentioned above…well, the reason is that they both…. Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy work together on Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Jaaxy affiliate Program

This is another interesting feature. Jaaxy itself offers an affiliate program. It is a plus point for all who are new in online business or have been working since long time.

Setting Up a free Jaaxy Account

Setting up an account for free is very easy. Just click here

You can also choose an option to become a free starter member of Wealthy Affiliate and then have access to the tool or click here to go to Jaaxy

Jaxxy Commission

You can earn $ 20/month to $40/month as an affiliate. There will be more details to see and understand if you just sign up as a starter member and check this out under the affiliate program tab.


Reasons People Like Jaaxy

  • Online business is now a growing and thriving industry.
  • Jaaxy understands everything about keyword research.
  • Leading in the Industry.
  • Jaaxy is the world’s most advanced keyword tool.
  • It gives unlimited keywords searches
  • It has SEO power analysis feature
  • Jaaxy provides alphabet soup searches
  • It has long tail key word search options
  • Jaaxy Performs data sorting and listing
  • It gives instant competition analysis

Now at the end of this post I would like to say that Jaaxy is the best keyword tool I have ever used. I have used other keyword tools and nothing compares to Jaaxy. It is user-friendly, simple and the most efficient keyword research tool. If you are ready!

You can join Jaxxy for free now

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment that would be awesome!

What is Wealthy Affiliate – Review 2019

We all ask questions. “What is Wealthy Affiliate – Review 2019” will answer all the questions about Wealthy Affiliate. This is my promise to you that I will try my best to show you Wealthy Affiliate and how does it work.

Wealthy-Affiliate-Tools- and- training- for -online -business
Wealthy Affiliate

So, my friends!

My journey with Wealthy affiliate started in October almost two months back, as a starter member. At that time, I was trying to learn and search simple ways to earn money online. simple ways to earn money I found a lot of different options but affiliate marketing idea touched my heart. So, my search direction and efforts turned towards affiliate marketing and gradually towards best affiliate marketing programs. I found the top 10 affiliate marketing programs.

” You can not change your decision overnight, but you can change your direction overnight” By, Jim Rohn

We are curious beings. We want to know more and more and more….. It became necessary for me to move further and go into the deeper details. I wanted to know about the best options and the reasons why. My why always guides me, how about you? I am sure it does the same to you too! Do you want me to mention all the 10 affiliate marketing programs? If your answer is yes, then please let me know in the comments section below….right here….in the comment section…. yes, sure…. I will answer your lovely questions!

So, long story short, I got accepted into 3 different affiliate programs initially, for free, yes just for free! Other two programs took some time and accepted me later. Some programs did not accept because I did not have my Website up at that time.

I started learning about the affiliate programs, I was in. Each program’s details took almost 2 complete days to understand. All the programs I found were unique in terms of technical use and process. Being a curious learner, I believe the process plays a very important role on the journey to learn anything.

“Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.” By, Jim Rohn.

Let’s learn about Wealthy Affiliate.

when I started learning about Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program, I was skeptic. I wanted to know each and every detail about Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program. I wanted to get all the answers of my logical questions. You know what I am talking about? Right? so I signed up for the Wealthy Affiliate starter member option on the Wealthy Affiliate member login page.


Wealthy - Affiliate Sign Up
Wealthy – Affiliate – Sign up


The very first attraction, for me, was the access to free training by Wealthy Affiliate University. Yes, totally free videos and step by step training to create a website successfully is available here for all starter members for free. You can learn by wonderfully designed video lessons about more than 1,000 different topics about businesses and affiliate marketing. Learning about affiliate marketing, creating and hosting websites, finding millions of keywords and niches, networking with successful affiliate marketers, and most importantly running your own entire business is only available at Wealthy Affiliate. Wow! So,

Now, I know the reason why Wealthy Affiliate works so well?

They have the reliable and fully tried method of creating businesses and affiliate marketing style.

Before we go into more details about Wealthy Affiliate Marketing unique style and some of the best features, let’s look at the stat and simple overview.

Wealthy Affiliate – The Overview and Rankings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Name of the owners: Kyle and Carson


Web URL:

Live support: 96%

Training: 96.6%

Website building: 98%

WordPress hosting: 96.5%

Research tool: 97%

Success stories: 95.4%

Price: Starter Member (free) and Premium Membership ( $49.00 per month, $495.00 per year)

Discount: $93.00 basically a two month discount

So, if you are ready to join the success platform…’s right here…and here is the link to join.

Link to join


Let’s come inside and look at the other great work, Wealthy  Affiliate program does.

I am so happy to share with you that I have become premium after thinking for almost two months. As a starter member, I learned about Wealthy Affiliate and created two websites! Yes, my own websites!

So, I decided to enjoy Wealthy Affiliate Bonus for Black Friday and here I am! I have saved 49 % and am paying just $0.82 per day. This was a special one time offer only for Black Friday. But even if you have missed that bonus you can still have one more offer there is still something more….

and it is sign up offer just for $19.00 first month so, if you make your mind you can join now.


This is my  YouTube video about how I created my website in just 30 sec. at Wealthy Affiliate with Kyle.

My Success Story of First 10 Days:

  • Completed of Bootcamp Phase 1 – Level 1 and Starting Phase 2
  • Wrote five WA blog posts
  • Working on my New Website after creating it.
  • Wrote two posts on my website
  • This post ( Review)
  •  Unlimited use of Jaaxy for keyword searches ( Jaaxy is a wonderful keyword search program and I am going to write more about it in my next post)
  • Networking with experienced entrepreneurs and members of Wealthy Affiliate community and Access to 1,000,000 members (Wealthy Affiliate Community is the most supportive, loving, positive minded, and caring community).
  •  Enjoying live, ongoing training And…… Live Webinar with Kyle


Last night, Kyle was live and he answered all our questions in ‘ask me anything’ (AMA) session. Ask me Anything by Kyle

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What is Wealthy Affiliate – Review 2019″ post can not be completed if I do not share the most important news with you. Yes! the most important news! Can you guess?????

It is so unique…… that no other affiliate program has ever offered.

Reward to your success…. Yes….it is an awesome trip to Las Vegas…..Yay!

Trip to Las Vegas with Kyle…..Yay!

Can you imagine! Yes, you can because I can……

Ask me anything….lol… Yes, I am serious… you can ask any questions right now. I would love to read your comments below in the comment section. Ask any question….your questions and comments are very precious for me.


Please ask questions and give suggestions in the comment section below. Looking forward to seeing your comments.

Life is not just the passing of time. Life is the collection of experiences and their intensity. By, Jim Rohn.


It’s time to start making some money.

Make your life worth living, start working for your own business online, and join the most important success platform WA (Wealthy Affiliate)


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Simple Ways to Earn Money Online

We all have some genuine questions about “Simple Ways to Earn Money Online”. How to earn money online? Are there any ways to earn money online? What are the “simple ways to earn money online”? And how to earn money from home? I found and tried a lot of ways to earn money online, by myself. I wanted to share some reliable ways with you. Some of these methods need basic professional skills which are easy to learn. I can provide you the free resources to learn these skills. It’s time to choose and try the reliable simple ways to earn money online. You have a choice and initial information about these options. Give yourself some time to process the information after you read it. Ask any questions …. I mean any questions about any of these or other ways to make some money online. Leave your questions and comments in the comment section below. I will be happy to answer all your questions. Let’s read now….

 Simple  Ways to Earn Money Online

  1. Amazon
  2. Social Media
  3. Wealthy Affiliate
  4. EBay
  5. Craiglist
  6. Fiverr
  7. Upwork
  8. Shopify
  9. Blogs
  10. Email Marketing


We all know about Amazon but you might not know how you can use this plat form to make money online. I was also unaware before. During my research to find ways to make money online, I discovered that I can also sell on Amazon. The two main options for an individual to start selling on Amazon are; individual seller account and a business account. FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) is another unique business option. Dropshipping is a term something we hear a lot these days. Amazon offers one kind of dropshipping. We can also become amazon affiliate to make some money online. Amazon affiliate account or amazon associate account fulfills the need to start working as an affiliate for Amazon.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, twitter, snap chat, and linked in are some examples of social media. We all use social media every day but we hardly know if we can use these platforms to earn money. I forgot to mention YouTube. All these medias can be used to earn money in one or another way. There are specific ways to start making money through these online platforms. I am not saying at all that you can start making money as soon as you want or start. It takes time to start learning the successful and reliable ways, applying the skills, and reaping the benefits from social media or any other plat form. All medias have their own unique ways and need at least one complete article to understand the requirements.

Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy affiliate is not just an affiliate program but it is one of the most reliable business option online. It is the unique affiliate program. At Wealthy Affiliate one can learn how to create a website, choose a domain, write wonderful blogs, get access to web hosting, gets comprehensive online business training and video tutorials, and most importantly can read inspiring articles and have discussions with the knowledgeable, experienced, and successful entrepreneurs. I know Wealthy Affiliate personally. I am an affiliate and creating my own online business with their support. I can answer all your questions about them if you have any. if you want to know about wealthy Affiliate, You can check my Review.

Wealthy - Affiliate- Sign up
Wealthy – Affiliate – Sign up


EBay provides you an opportunity to sell without paying any monthly fee. It can take time to sell stuff . Its affiliate network is interesting. I use smart share to create affiliate links. Smart share works like a magic.  Ebay affiliate Program

EBay sells new and used stuff so we also have an option to sell our old or new products and earn some money.


This is one of the simple platforms to sell services and mostly used products. Sometimes we can find good free and useful products here. We can post products and services for free. A lot of local business happens here.


Fiverr is an online plat form to offer gigs as low as $5.00. It can be more than $5 with upgrades. It has become the world’s largest freelance services platform or you can call a huge marketplace. You can sell logos, designed posters and cards, painted and printed products, translation, writing pieces, drawings, game designing, web designing, and almost more than 250 categories of services. You need to make an account to start making money on fiverr.


This online platform offers a huge market place to sell professional services. We don’t need to make an account like we need to on other websites. They also don’t require a website URL. All we need to do is to create and offer high quality service at an affordable and reasonable price. There is a lot of competition so it might be hard to find an open job or service. The good thing is you can make money by offering your professional services while you remain at home.


Shopify gives you a choice to build your own online store or stores. They also have an affiliate program that is unique in a sense that first of all, it is free and secondly, it gives free training to develop your professional business skills. Shopify affiliates can earn high commissions. So it is good to make some money while you are staying at home and not even investing money. Yes, you are investing something that makes money and yes it is Time. We all know time is money.


Blogs are today’s best and the most important tool to earn money. If you are serious to make money in an easy and realistic way then start your blog. Starting a blog needs a separate full training and a lot of articles or blogs. Yes, to understand how to create a blog we need to read books, other blogger’s useful suggestions, and learn some basic skills. It becomes easier and fun once you start understanding the details and learn some basic skills. It is an enjoyable activity which can give you passive and long term income.

Email Marketing

This is a huge work and needs a lot of skills and hard work but nothing is impossible. When you, have a goal in the right direction you can not be stopped. It can give you as much money as much you want to put your hard work in. The key is to do it the right way. It can be started by setting up email software, creating a lead magnet, and then build up the email list. If you have a skill and you are passionate about it then use that skill and provide a value to your audience or customers in the world. Creating and providing the value that is the need of your customers out in the whole world, is the key to success here. The way you present is more important than the real value itself. Again it is easy because all the information is online and most of it is free. So, are you ready?

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any suggestions and questions.

While you are still thinking after reading this post, I can tell that you might be interested in knowing about affiliate marketing….. Yes or No??? If yes then it’s a good sign because I am planning to give you all information about affiliate marketing and different affiliate programs in my next post/posts. So, stay tuned! If, your answer is no then let me know by writing about your thoughts in the comment section below. What are you thinking and what are your plans and questions?

It’s action time!

Yes, if I can do it you can do it too!

You can ask any question about any of online or physical platform which you decide to choose. Let me know why you have chosen it. What can you do with it and how?

Thank you.

Shahlla Anjum


About Reviews And Online Business

Hi everyone, Welcome to my brand new Website “Reviews And Online Business”. I learned it overtime that it’s easy and simple to earn money daily if we are consistent and committed. As we all know, learning is connected with the experience. It is a process that we go through to achieve our goals. Before my challenges turned into passion I had to go through a lot of failures and hardships. Success is not a success if not shared ( This is my own belief). I want to share it with you through my website “Simple Daily Earning”. I love you and have a strong urge to do something extraordinary for all of you by sharing my journey to the success with you. It is a journey of dreams to realization.

Behind the Scene

From an early age, I always loved new challenges. I used to feel empowered in difficult situations. I experienced this power but was not aware of its significance. Being a quiet and shy child, my thoughts were simple and I had no big dreams and wants. I love my mom, my sister, and my sweet grandmother so much and still love them even my grandmother is not with us anymore. My early education, middle school, high school and then higher education was completed in the mystical, and peaceful city, Bahawalpur, near historic Fort Derawar

Fort - Derawar - Bahawalpur

The Mystic Land


Bahawalpur - Darbar - Mahal - Palace
Darbar Palace Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur is a city of mystics and Sufis. One of the most important and prominent features is Cholistan Desert.

People of this area are simple and hardworking. I learned through my

observation that hard work, honesty, and simplicity are essential

of any mystic land.

Bahawalpur - A - Splendid - Tomb
A Tomb in Bahawalpur




My grandmother and my mom worked very hard

to raise me and my two sisters.

To provide us good education my grandmother and my mom did traditional bread making, weaving in 4 different ways, sewing, embroidery, and farming. They did not feel ashamed to work hard and do ordinary chores to earn money. They raised us with pride and gave us confidence to pursue our higher goals in life.


As a result of my grandmother and mother efforts, my sister became a Ph. D doctor and a professor in Organic Chemistry and I did my masters in education with a specialization of Montessori and Early Childhood Education.
Learning is my passion. My friends and family encouraged me to learn all important skills of life. I achieved life goals successfully and went beyond. Life tested me so many times. I was the first person in our family and neighborhood to learn how to use internet and make an email id on yahoo. At that time the internet was new and a lot of boys and girls of my age were not aware of the internet skills. Today, the internet is easily available and 3.5 billion people are using it. The internet is providing an ample amount of ways to make “Simple Daily Earning” online.  “Reviews And Online Business” always complement each other. Online business and its growth can be expressed by the reviews it has.

A Huge Life Changing Event

US - Flag

I came to the US, the land of the free, to become free of so many financial, economical, political, and geographical challenges. After serving for 7 years in three different wonderful schools, I fell and had to stay at home. Everything changed and my life took a new turn. The direction and physical speed of my journey was changed. Being slow and less capable of moving fast, I started falling behind. There were changes happening in my life to alter it completely. I tried to find some ways to make money online. I wanted to earn money from home.
While I was doing my research, I got interested in affiliate marketing and online business ideas. I feel so proud of my self after creating my first website. I have found a platform to share all my knowledge about the success process with all of you who are interested to change their lives and achieve their goals by working from home and by working online.
The “Simple Daily Earnings” website will help you to learn how to get to the fast solutions .
There are a lot of realistic ways and empowering methods to earn money online which I will discuss and share with you here at “Simple Daily Earning”.

Why do we need “Simple Daily Earning”

We need to address basic monthly necessities and the ways to meet them. Work at home moms need to earn some money. A lot of students need to make money to meet their expenses. There are so many women out there who can relate to my story and want to stand up strong in the eyes of hardships.
You can also focus on passive income and still apply these ways, if you are busy earning active income from your job. Using creative strategies to find “Simple Daily Earning” is numerous people’s dream who can work online.

Long term Income Has Revolutionary Impact

By proper planning I chose to earn long term money to save myself from the worries for not having money in the future for some reason. I learned that there are proven methods which have potential and help us to transform our lives by revolutionizing finances in the long term, so I decided to share all those powerful realistic ways with all others who are struggling.

Time is Money — It Can Not Be Wasted

“Time has more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time”. Jim Rohn

We can not waste time on scams. That’s why I created this website to create “Simple Daily Earning” in a realistic way.
By Investing time first and working hard to reaping results is the first requirement. I experienced it by myself for a long time and it is a proven way. It needs discipline and a special commitment in a proper way which I am going to share on my website “Simple Daily Earnings.

Fundamental Guidelines to Avoid Mistakes

I made a lot of mistakes before I got here in the position to share my success story and its process with you. I will make sure to discuss all fundamental guideline on my website “Simple Daily Earning” so you achieve the success without making any mistakes or with minimum mistakes.


I have been thinking to share my success with other people because I think there is no use of achieving success without giving its share to other people. Whatever goes around comes around. When I was struggling I happen to meet so many people who helped me to reach where I am right now. I can not return their service to them but I can serve and support other people like I was helped.


As It is obvious by the name “Simple Daily Earnings” I will make sure to discuss the identified ways, share, and guide through the journey to complete the task and get to the ultimate success to all who follow, without any failures and losses. On the internet every information that is shared is not true. There is wrong info mixed with the right one. It’s not possible for a simple person to identify the correct and proven knowledge without a reliable help. The “Simple Daily Earning” website will provide the clarity, reliability, and complete support to achieve desired objectives and the goals you have set for your short or long term successful earnings.
I am going to hold the bright light in my hand to bring every detail of the business methods and ways known and make it obvious so no one gets misguided. The insightful success will not be a dream but a reality.
I am offering you the reliable support on the “Simple Daily Earning” on behalf of the big and renowned industry in the fields of technology, business, and affiliate marketing. Online Business.
We will be walking together on the road to incredible success with their extraordinary and remarkable help.

All the best,