Grammarly Review And How to Get It For Free

Grammarly stands at the top of teaching and learning categories. This post is about “Grammarly review and how to get it for free”? Ye, Let’s talk about another way to earn money online.  We can earn money from Grammarly. Before we get into the discussion of how to use simple ways to earn money with Grammarly, lets talk about What is Grammarly Software.

In “Grammarly Review and How to get It For Free” I will try to explain briefly:

  • What is Grammarly application/software
  • How good is Grammarly and what are its features
  • Grammarly products
  • How to get Grammarly for free
  • Grammarly Plans
  • Grammarly Affiliate program
  • Grammarly Commission rates

What is Grammarly Application/software

The Grammarly Software was first released in 2009. Grammarly is an American based company. This software was created to help to create effective writing. It is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based. Its founders are Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn.

How Good is Grammarly And What Are Its Features

Grammarly does corrections for us on almost all writing platforms.

Grammarly can detect our tone and suggests words to convey our message to the readers.

It checks grammar and transforms sentences for clarity.

Helps in Formatting.

Makes it possible for us to write faster.

Grammarly plagiarism checker is awesome.

Besides all the help in writing, it also supports us in, Powerful team management.

Grammarly products

  • The Grammarly keyboard
  • Grammarly desktop apps
  • Grammarly for MS Office
  • Grammarly for chrome
  • Keyboards for iOS and Androids

Grammarly Plans

It offers 3 plans.

How to get Grammarly for free

In this post, “Grammarly review and how to get it for free” now we will see how to use Grammarly for free. As you have seen above, there are three plans and one of them is free. Is not that exciting? Yes.

So, only you need to go to the Grammarly website and find its free version. It does not offer the free trial but it does offer the Free Version.

So, all that you need to do is to add it to your google chrome. I have used this version and it helps a lot. I was able to use grammar, spelling and punctuation check.

For students, teachers and researchers, who do a lot of writing, the Premium plan will work best. It offers so much. But, honestly, there is not much difference in the price of the Premium and Business account. I will leave it to you. Which plan do you think is the best?

Grammarly Affiliate program

Grammarly Commission rates

Is Grammarly Effective

Is Grammarly effective? Yes, with all above features we can say it’s true. But there are few things that make this tool look not so efficient or 100% perfect. Grammarly according to some, is not a complete replacement for manual proofreading. Grammarly works well but sometimes it can not be the only solution.

In this post, “Grammarly review and how to get it for free”, we have shared, what is Grammarly, the features, the products, plans, pros and cons, and its affiliate program.

To sign up for Grammarly Affiliate Program, you can go to Grammarly Website, and scroll down to find ‘Affiliates’

Join Grammarly Affiliates.

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Thank you for reading this Grammarly Review and visiting my site. Let me know if you have any questions about Grammarly or any other affiliate programs.

Please share your experience after you use Grammarly for your writing.

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