Making Money From Amazon


Making Money from Amazon
Making Money From Amazon

Today we will discuss about simple ways to Making money from Amazon. Amazon is one of the most reliable platform to earn money online. But the question arises, “How To Earn Money On Amazon”. It is important to know that ‘Making Money From Amazon’ associate and seller accounts is easy. Let’s discuss how to earn money on Amazon.

Before we know the ways to earn money let’s talk about what Amazon is.

Amazon is the world largest online retailer. One of the most important reasons why Amazon is so famous is its quick shipment method. A buyer can get 2 days free delivery through Amazon Prime Account. Free 2 hours prime now delivery is available in few cities on more than 25000 qualified items. An interesting fact is that Amazon was created as an online store for books but later expanded into a big marketplace to sell electronics, soft wares, video games, dresses, furniture, toys, jewelry, household items, and so many other things.

Amazon sells items from lots of different categories. We can find almost everything on Amazon. It provides the customize experience to its buyers. It is not just giving the best experience to buyers but also to sellers too. It has become the best-selling platform.


Amazon Seller Account Sign up

Both retailer and individual seller can utilize the Amazon. The first step is to create an account. There are different accounts which can be created to start selling on Amazon. Business account, FBA account, Individual Seller Account are main kinds of selling programs. Business account costs a monthly fee but individual seller account is free. We can sell limited amount of items on the free selling account. But if we are really serious about selling then we can sign up for the business account.

How to sign up for a seller account on Amazon?

On Amazon Website main page, Scroll down and find, Sell Products on Amazon.

Click on it.

It will take you to Amazon seller Account page.


Making Money From Amazon
Amazon Seller Account


You can click the Sign Up button and follow the directions.

Amazon Associates Sign Up

There are different ways to make money on Amazon. Beside selling, you can become an Amazon affiliate and start earning money. The affiliate account or associate account needs a permission and approval from Amazon. It may take some time but at the end of the day if you are following all the requirements you will get the acceptance. Any person with a website, a blog or social media pages can place a link to Amazon and earn money. Have you purchased something from Amazon? According to a research almost 80% US Amazon buyers purchase from Amazon at least once a month….Amazing….right? And according to another research 40 % of Amazon Prime members spend over $ 1000 a year on Amazon. So chances are that if we follow some tips as an amazon associate we can make a significant amount of money.

How -to- make- money- from- Amazon- Associate-And Seller-Accounts
How to Make Money from Amazon Associate and Seller Accounts

Tips to Make Money With Amazon Associate Program

After one gets approval from Amazon and becomes an associate, he/she then needs to walk on the path of making money successfully. How should it be done and how can it give you maximum benefit? There are few tips to achieve this goal, we can discuss here.

Amazon affiliate Program

  • Finding products to recommend: Defining you niche is very important for an associate. After you have done you niche selection and key word search for you article then find products to recommend on Amazon. You can also choose best-seller products. One thing is important to understand that how much commission the product is offering. It must be at least 5 to 8 percent. Please check the Amazon commission chart before you want to select a product. The Luxury Beauty Items give the most commission and there are other categories mentioned in the list for example, furniture, books, apparels etc.
  • The Best seller items are also a great source to select the products. Accessories are another one of the most interesting items to select to promote. Evergreen products are good for the whole year. It may be the best idea to find some evergreen products in you niche and keep promoting them. They will keep earning you commission.



Earn- Money- With-Amazon-Associate


  • Using links wisely as one Link: Links that work in the US will not work in Canada or in other countries unless you link you affiliate or associate account with Canada and UK associate accounts. You will then have to copy and paste the JavaScript code into you site where ever it is required. It can be header or footer. Now you will be able to share link to not just Us but also Canada and UK.
  • Using Amazon images: Amazon requires us to use images on their site if we follow the proper method. We can not just copy or paste. We need to actually click and safe and download each image as safe as to use it on our site, blog or social media page.
  • Finding help from great Amazon associates: amazon associates education platform is so helpful as it offers rich information about Affiliate and online education. It is totally free for the affiliates.
  • Writing reviews of Amazon products. Writing reviews is the best option if you want to build a connection with you readers and potential buyers. Especially writing a review about a product that is available to Amazon Prime members.

Jay’s training, ‘Being an Amazon Affiliate’


According to Dave Hamrick’s wonderful article, Make Money on Amazon in 2020 – 15 Killer Methods,

“The Amazon Associates program is probably the most popular affiliate program on the internet”.


Amazon is the one of the best and easiest affiliate programs. I am an affiliate to Amazon and love this program. The only thing that is important to follow the rules and policies created by Amazon. At Amazon, we can promote so many items, bounties, trending items, best-selling items, and offers. Amazon associate account is the best option for the bloggers. We can prepare Email list and use Amazon products to promote. We can also create an associate YouTube channel.

Associate central home page provides new and improved offers. There we can see moving banners and exciting updates About Amazon world. On Amazon affiliate page there is FAQ or help available. There are experienced and dedicated associates to answer all our questions related to the topic.

One more exciting thing is when you start promoting Amazon products and you customers that you send or direct to Amazon from you site or blog buy other products different from the one you promoted or offered, You still are lucky to earn a commission.

With easy techniques and tools, regular payouts, incredible benefits, and attractive conversion rates, you can create passive consistent income as an associate and also increase.

There are also some more ways to use to earn money on Amazon. I will discuss those ways in my next post.

Let me know if you have any questions about this post. How do you feel about becoming an affiliate to Amazon? Do you want to sell your own products on Amazon?

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