Simple Ways to Earn Money Online

We all have some genuine questions about “Simple Ways to Earn Money Online”. How to earn money online? Are there any ways to earn money online? What are the “simple ways to earn money online”? And how to earn money from home? I found and tried a lot of ways to earn money online, by myself. I wanted to share some reliable ways with you. Some of these methods need basic professional skills which are easy to learn. I can provide you the free resources to learn these skills. It’s time to choose and try the reliable simple ways to earn money online. You have a choice and initial information about these options. Give yourself some time to process the information after you read it. Ask any questions …. I mean any questions about any of these or other ways to make some money online. Leave your questions and comments in the comment section below. I will be happy to answer all your questions. Let’s read now….

 Simple  Ways to Earn Money Online

  1. Amazon
  2. Social Media
  3. Wealthy Affiliate
  4. EBay
  5. Craiglist
  6. Fiverr
  7. Upwork
  8. Shopify
  9. Blogs
  10. Email Marketing


We all know about Amazon but you might not know how you can use this plat form to make money online. I was also unaware before. During my research to find ways to make money online, I discovered that I can also sell on Amazon. The two main options for an individual to start selling on Amazon are; individual seller account and a business account. FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) is another unique business option. Dropshipping is a term something we hear a lot these days. Amazon offers one kind of dropshipping. We can also become amazon affiliate to make some money online. Amazon affiliate account or amazon associate account fulfills the need to start working as an affiliate for Amazon.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, twitter, snap chat, and linked in are some examples of social media. We all use social media every day but we hardly know if we can use these platforms to earn money. I forgot to mention YouTube. All these medias can be used to earn money in one or another way. There are specific ways to start making money through these online platforms. I am not saying at all that you can start making money as soon as you want or start. It takes time to start learning the successful and reliable ways, applying the skills, and reaping the benefits from social media or any other plat form. All medias have their own unique ways and need at least one complete article to understand the requirements.

Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy affiliate is not just an affiliate program but it is one of the most reliable business option online. It is the unique affiliate program. At Wealthy Affiliate one can learn how to create a website, choose a domain, write wonderful blogs, get access to web hosting, gets comprehensive online business training and video tutorials, and most importantly can read inspiring articles and have discussions with the knowledgeable, experienced, and successful entrepreneurs. I know Wealthy Affiliate personally. I am an affiliate and creating my own online business with their support. I can answer all your questions about them if you have any. if you want to know about wealthy Affiliate, You can check my Review.

Wealthy - Affiliate- Sign up
Wealthy – Affiliate – Sign up


EBay provides you an opportunity to sell without paying any monthly fee. It can take time to sell stuff . Its affiliate network is interesting. I use smart share to create affiliate links. Smart share works like a magic.  Ebay affiliate Program

EBay sells new and used stuff so we also have an option to sell our old or new products and earn some money.


This is one of the simple platforms to sell services and mostly used products. Sometimes we can find good free and useful products here. We can post products and services for free. A lot of local business happens here.


Fiverr is an online plat form to offer gigs as low as $5.00. It can be more than $5 with upgrades. It has become the world’s largest freelance services platform or you can call a huge marketplace. You can sell logos, designed posters and cards, painted and printed products, translation, writing pieces, drawings, game designing, web designing, and almost more than 250 categories of services. You need to make an account to start making money on fiverr.


This online platform offers a huge market place to sell professional services. We don’t need to make an account like we need to on other websites. They also don’t require a website URL. All we need to do is to create and offer high quality service at an affordable and reasonable price. There is a lot of competition so it might be hard to find an open job or service. The good thing is you can make money by offering your professional services while you remain at home.


Shopify gives you a choice to build your own online store or stores. They also have an affiliate program that is unique in a sense that first of all, it is free and secondly, it gives free training to develop your professional business skills. Shopify affiliates can earn high commissions. So it is good to make some money while you are staying at home and not even investing money. Yes, you are investing something that makes money and yes it is Time. We all know time is money.


Blogs are today’s best and the most important tool to earn money. If you are serious to make money in an easy and realistic way then start your blog. Starting a blog needs a separate full training and a lot of articles or blogs. Yes, to understand how to create a blog we need to read books, other blogger’s useful suggestions, and learn some basic skills. It becomes easier and fun once you start understanding the details and learn some basic skills. It is an enjoyable activity which can give you passive and long term income.

Email Marketing

This is a huge work and needs a lot of skills and hard work but nothing is impossible. When you, have a goal in the right direction you can not be stopped. It can give you as much money as much you want to put your hard work in. The key is to do it the right way. It can be started by setting up email software, creating a lead magnet, and then build up the email list. If you have a skill and you are passionate about it then use that skill and provide a value to your audience or customers in the world. Creating and providing the value that is the need of your customers out in the whole world, is the key to success here. The way you present is more important than the real value itself. Again it is easy because all the information is online and most of it is free. So, are you ready?

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While you are still thinking after reading this post, I can tell that you might be interested in knowing about affiliate marketing….. Yes or No??? If yes then it’s a good sign because I am planning to give you all information about affiliate marketing and different affiliate programs in my next post/posts. So, stay tuned! If, your answer is no then let me know by writing about your thoughts in the comment section below. What are you thinking and what are your plans and questions?

It’s action time!

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You can ask any question about any of online or physical platform which you decide to choose. Let me know why you have chosen it. What can you do with it and how?

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  1. I appreciate your list of alternative ways to earn money at home and over the Internet. While not terribly detailed, I won’t have to start from scratch. Your discussion of each program is easily followed up by my own Google research. I am comfortable with having learned a little more about the opportunities available to me. Thanks for the assist.

    • Hi, I am grateful for your precious and kind words. I like the way you read and shared the details. I will be updating and adding more information with time so my readers can have more knowledge about different reliable ways to earn money online.
      Thank you so much.


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