Teachable Review

Teachable is an online tool for independent professionals and entrepreneurs. It allows teachers and experts to create their courses easily and sell successfully. This platform is gaining more attention these days. It offers free plan in addition to three different price plans. In this Teachable Review we will talk about how it works for the big businesses, individual business, and affiliates. Yes, Teachable affiliate program is the best affiliate program.

Who Can use Teachable

Teachable is for the bloggers, writers, educators, entrepreneurs, and creative people who want to create and sell their expert courses to their students and followers. Teachable has helped more than 25,000 teachers to create courses for a million of students around the world.

As much as online learning is growing so is the Teachable need.

How Teachable Works

Teachable provides tools to create online courses easily. It guides and supports on each stage from the creation of the course to market and sell each one of them. It’s a complete system of support for its users and members.

Earning Money With Teachable

Teachable is an authentic platform where you can create online courses and earn money. Course creators are making hundreds of thousands by selling their courses at this platform.

Teachable Courses

There are almost 125,000 courses. Some of these courses are free and a lot of courses are for sale.

Free Teachable Courses

There is no fee on free courses created under any price plan. Teachable also has free membership plan. It offers instant payouts and monthly payouts, unlimited students, unlimited video bandwidth, unlimited hosting, and email support for the free membership. Which is a great offer. In terms of features the free members get unlimited student management, lecture comments, and basic quizzes.

Teachable Price Plans

There are 3 different price plans.

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Business

Teachable — The Overview

Name: Teachable

Name of the Owner: Ankur Nagpal

Web URL: https://teachable.com/

Support: 95%

Training: 99%

Courses building: 95%

Success Stories: 99%

Price: Basic $29 – Professional $99 – Business $249

Student Management: 99%

Lecture Comments: 99%

Basic Quizzes: 99%

Integraded Payment Processing: 99%

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Teachable Plans Comparison

Selling Course on Teachable

Teachable guides not just in the creation of the course but also in the selling process. It offers one of the best and tested methods. Teachable provides templates and lead page ideas. The method is really simple and easy.

Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable offers an attractive affiliate program. Its affiliates earn recurring commission by referring customers. Teachable affiliates can earn 30% lifetime commission.

Teachable Payment Options

Paypal, Stripe, MasterCard and most credit cards are accepted.

Always Remember

Teachable is a learning management system and it is built to serve educators. It takes less time to set up school and create lesson material. There is a complete support and guidance available from creation to marketing and selling a course.

If you are planning to share your expertise and ready to create courses then there is not a better option than Teachable.

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