What Is Amazon Affiliate Program Review

Amazon Affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs. What is Amazon Affiliate Program and what is so special in this affiliate program? Today, in,  Amazon Affiliate Program Review, we will try to find the answers of these questions in detail.

In my other post, How To Earn Money On Amazon I talked about Amazon Affiliate Program/Amazon Associate Program. In  Amazon Affiliate Program Review, we will talk more about the aspects of this unique affiliate program.

Amazon Affiliate Sign Up

One of the most important and special aspects is Amazon Affiliate/Associate sign up procedure. It is easy and convenient. There are few requirements;

To become an Amazon affiliate you need to have a website, blog, app or YouTube channel.

So, basically,

  • Build you own Website or Create a blog
  • Go to Amazon Affiliate/Associate Home page
  • Apply for the affiliate account
  • Enter the info it asks for
  • Enter your Website Url
  • Choose your preferred affiliate id
  • Enter your personal information
  • Show how you drive traffic to your Website
  • Enter your payment method
  • Provide your tax information

After you complete the sign up process, now you are ready to create your Amazon affiliate links.

Amazon Affiliate Program Login is secure. To make it safer we can choose two-step login method option. So, now you can login whenever you want to promote the products.

But your Amazon Affiliate account is active for 180 days. You have to make at least some sales or just one or two sales in this time period or your account will be closed.

But don’t worry!

You can apply for the Amazon Affiliate/ associate account again. Follow the whole procedure for the application. Make sure that you change all the old links of the products and ads from your website or blog with the new links. Yes, little bit hard but this is the policy.

Does Amazon Affiliate Program Work

That’s right, Does it work? The answer is, Yes but there are some requirements. It needs quality content and a good amount of traffic on any website to actually make this program work.

How many followers do we need to make this program work? At least 500 to 1000. So, Amazon Affiliate program helps you to monetize your traffic if you have traffic.

Amazon affiliates have access to tools to understand their readers and customers in a better way.

Amazon Affiliate Product Comission Category

Amazon Affiliate Program Commissions

This is the latest list of Amazon Commissions. It was updated after Covid-19 hit the world. A lot of things and procedures have changed after this pandemic. So, the change in commissions rates seems normal to me. Even affiliates don’t like this commission rate completely but they still promote Amazon products.

Well, we all look forward to the better rates again.

Amazon Affiliate Links And Banners

Amazon affiliates create and use easy links and banners made by tools provided by Amazon, to guide their readers and visitors to Amazon products and earn commissions from qualifying sales.

Amazon also provides native shopping ads to its affiliates which can be added to your website.

Another way to promote products is writing reviews about the products. You can write a review about one product that you choose or you can compare different products in you niche.

Amazon Associates/Affiliate Sitestripe

I think SiteStripe is the best feature of Amazon Affiliate Program. SiteStripe feature helps you to create product links directly from the Amazon Website without even going to AmazonAffiliate/Associate site. It allows you to prepare links to any page on Amazon. We can also share these links on social media platform like Facebook and Twitter.

Amazon SiteStripe works amazingly to find images for your product easily. Just go to Amazon and when you see SiteStripe, at the top left of the page, search for that product and get the image.

Amazon Affiliate Program and Its Policies

The program policies for the affiliates need to be followed completely to earn commissions. It is attractive to get some extra income but we need to follow some guidelines and rules made by Amazon for all Amazon Affiliates or Associates. Otherwise, we will be banned from the program.

Few things that you need to follow are,

  • Put an affiliate discloser on your website or blog
  • Do not make deceptive claims to sell the product
  • Avoid and do not use affiliate links in offline promotions, emails and ebooks
  • Be alert and stay informed of the Amazon Policy and its updates

Now, there are some very important questions.

Which skills do we need to become a successful affiliate? Is it just content writing skill that you need to become a successful Amazon Affiliate? These are some relevant questions. All the skills that we need require some sort of training. We actually, want to start our own affiliate business. Do we need a Website or Websites? Yes, of course. Do we need to learn web building? Yes. Then we need a hosting platform for our websites. It means we need Wealthy Affiliate Program.

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Website designing, writing powerful content, finding keywords that actually convert, using different legit ways to earn money online from our website and blog are some of the skills Wealthy Affiliate teaches. It is an academy of learning business skills. There is a lot more.

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You have a choice of joining it as a free member.

Wealthy Affiliate provides complete training not just to become a successful affiliate but also a successful business man/women or a girl/boy. Yes.

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So, the conclusion is, that making money online is possible. In, Amazon Affiliate Program Review, we have learned how it is possible if we decide to choose amazon affiliate program.

Like I said in my other post, Simple Ways to Earn Money Online

There are so many ways to earn money online successfully and Affiliate marketing is one of them. There are so many affiliate programs out there and Amazon Affiliate program is one of them.

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have any questions about Amazon Affiliate/Associates Program. How do you feel about this program? If you are already using it what is your experience?

Best Regards,

Shahlla Anjum

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